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acierr tagged me in a meme thing and it looked fun SO SURE WHY NOT LET'S ROLL

Gonna do it with Tesla
Tesla ref by BillyBuckaroo

  1. Her favorite food is blueberries
  2. She's a DMAB transgirl
  3. She has a masters in engineering
  4. Tesla Coilette is not her real name, she changed it just prior to starting her life of henching
  5. She's super into wrestling, not doing it herself, but watching matches and following the drama and stories
  6. Her glasses display a HUD with a targeting system to help her aim, without it she can't hit anything
  7. Her and Eggman have never had anything happen between them, MUCH TO HER DISAPPOINTMENT BUT SHE ISN'T GIVING UP ANY TIME SOON
  8. She treats all of Eggman's robots as her children, the only exception being Orbot and Cubot who she can't tolerate At All
  9. She takes side jobs hunting bounties and stealing priceless artifacts and technology with her only "friends" Crisis and Aci
  10. She has a family somewhere, but hasn't spoken to them since leaving to work with Eggman. She never told them about it, but assumes they must be aware by now. She left on good terms, she loved her family and they loved her. She tries not to think about them too much.

I don't really know who to tag so??? Whoever wants to just steal this from me go ahead and say I tagged you! All of you. You're all tagged. If you feel like doin this

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